Set to balance and even out skin tones
Set to balance and even out skin tones
Set to balance and even out skin tones


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Organic Calendula Facial Cleanser – 2 oz
This beautiful botanical cleanser cleans and repairs all at the same time.  It balances, soothes and leaves skin feeling better after every use. 

Vitamin C Ester + Calendula Facial Crème – 2oz
This fresh, organic aloe juice based whipped facial crème contains high potency Vitamin C and fruit stem cells designed to tone, firm & even out skin tone.  This formula includes Alpha hydroxy acids which can be helpful in improving skin discoloration, controlling acne and improving the texture of skin damaged by the sun.   However, AHAs may not be suitable for ultra-sensitive or sunburned skin.

Organic Neroli + Aloe Hydrating Facial Mist – 2 oz
Refreshing, soothing aloe to mist on skin anytime.  Set/refresh makeup, use during/after exercise, cool during/after sun exposure.  Keep one in the beach cooler or fridge for instant skin refreshment.   Pure aloe vera is extremely effective for sunburn.

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