11 Tips from Bodyceuticals to Prep your Garden for Spring
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 3/5/2020



Spring brings the return of warmer weather, the anticipation of summer and the perfect time to get your garden ready! With the spring season approaching on March 19th this year, it’s time to get outside and begin the landscaping work to bring your beautiful garden back to life. Here are 11 helpful tips to best prepare your garden during the springtime. 



Early spring is the best time to prune your shrubs such as: roses, hedges, smooth hydrangeas and butterfly bushes. Proper pruning techniques are critical to Bodyceuticals rose-based products – increasing the overall health of the plant and number of blooms.  Cut back the dead growth and throw the matter into a compost bin to break down. Feel free to add in more seasonal plants to spruce up your garden during spring as well.


Handle the Weeds

Early weed management is important for both home and commercial gardens.  To show how important it is, keeping weeds under control increases the Calendula flower yield at the Bodyceuticals Organic Farm by over 60%.  This task is absolutely necessary for making your garden ready for growth, not to mention, this will make your garden look stunning and free from excess growth that doesn’t belong. Most weeds should come up fairly easily if you catch them early especially in the moist soil. You can also use a rake to loosen them if you’d like. 



Once the ground is thawed out, turn the soil with a rake and add organic compost or manure to help add nutrients to the soil. Compost or manure will also need to be added a couple weeks before you plant anything so that it has time to mix with your soil to avoid any burning of the roots of your new plants. You can also sub the compost for an organic fertilizer if you’d like and check with your local organic nursery for more on plant nutrition.


Arrange Your Pots

Take out any dead plants if you haven’t done so already, replace the soil, and inspect your pots for any cracks to repair/replace. When the weather gets a little warmer, around the end of March, add plant food along with your new plants. If you have succulents or other potted plants that need a little extra love, take them out, trim them of any excess growth and clean them up before re-potting them.


Refresh Your Bird Baths

Get ready for that warm time of the year where little birdies come around often to take a bath. Clean up your bird bath from any dirt or build up and fill it with fresh clean water. 


Edge Lawn & Hedges

Make your lawn and hedges look beautiful by trimming up the edges. This is a great task for early spring that will give your yard and overall landscape that wow factor. 


Top Off Your Plants with Soil

Your existing plants deserve a little TLC as well. Top them off with some soil to give them a boost going into the new season. 


Rake Excess Leaves & Clean Up

Get the fallen matted leaves out of the way with a leaf-blower or rake to make the ground look clean. For those leaves that you may see under and around shrubs and perennials, feel free to leave those if needed; you can always cover those with a bit of seed mixture. Remove extra branches and other debris from around the yard.


Prep Your Garden Tools

Clean your tools and wash off any excess dirt of dust that may have accumulated by scrubbing with a gentle natural soap and warm water. Sharpen any tools that need a bit more edge, repair any damages, and tune up your power tools. Mineral spirits can be used to freshen up wood handles; this will keep the wood from splintering while also making the wood appear shiny and clean.


Plant Trees and Shrubs

Give your yard a little extra love and greenery by adding new trees and/or shrubs or replacing old ones. This will make your landscape another level of beauty. You could even change out any fences with a lovely hedge. 


Make a Plan

Whether it’s sketching up your dream garden, creating a weekly watering list, or writing out your plan for the spring and summer months, having a documented plan will help you stay organized. Find local nurseries in your area for all of your garden needs, planning process and inspiration. Bodyceuticals loves to support a wonderful local farm called KIS Urban Farm for their organic methods and sustainable gardening practices. Also, check out Molbaks for their beautiful displays and inspiration.


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