Stay Fresh - 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Skincare Routine
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 1/2/2020

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As we head into the new year and continue into the winter season, it’s always nice to freshen up your skincare routine to keep your skin feeling soft, moisturized and pure. Take your skin to the next level by adding new all-natural products into your routine that will be sure to give you beautiful skin. Try out these five tips, along with five Bodyceuticals products, to keep your skin feeling extra fresh going into 2020. 


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Revive your face in the mornings and wash away the day in the evenings by cleansing your face. This will wash away impurities, dirt, and make up while cleaning your pores to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Dispense Bodyceuticals Charcoal + Bamboo Facial Cleanser in your palm with water and gently exfoliate your face and neck with your hands or an exfoliator mitt. Infused with bamboo, activated charcoal, organic green tea leaf and hyaluronic acid (plus more), this facial cleanser is perfect to add to your routine to revive and clean your skin.


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Refresh and nourish your skin with Bodyceuticals Hydrating Facial Mist with Rose + Calendula. You can use this any time of the day, while all-natural or with make up on. Rose and Calendula work together to plump and hydrate, diminish scarring and wrinkles, absorb nutrients, and ease anxiety. Refresh your skin with this luxurious and fresh hydrating mist while taking a moment for yourself.


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As we continue into winter, lotion is key for hydration. Bodyceuticals Calendula and DMAE Facial Crème is nourishing and perfect for smoothing out your skin while giving it the moisture it needs, especially during these blustery months. Treat yourself to this lotion with fresh calendula resins to hydrate and plump your beautiful skin. You can use this on your face, neck and any dry areas on your body. 


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A fresh and lightweight oil is good for any season of the year. Bodyceuticals Berry Beauty Drops – Day and Night are each made with one ingredient, raspberries in the day oil and blackberries in the night oil, fresh-pressed and sustainably grown in Washington State. The morning oil illuminates while the night oil restores, and both will take your skin to the next level as they moisturize your face giving it a silky, radiant and naturally healthy glow.


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Keep your lips looking soft and luscious with only the best lip balm around: Bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Lip Balm. This lip balm comes in four different flavors: Raspberry, Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. Made with the freshest organic ingredients, this lip balm will make a major difference on your lips that you will notice overnight by locking in moisture for silky and soft lips! This lip balm is also kid friendly and customers even like to use it on dry skin spots for a boost of moisture. 


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