Valentine's Day: Spending the Night In
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 1/30/2020

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The day of love is approaching and whether you’re spending it with your significant other, with a group of friends, or on our own for some self-care time, there’s something special and cozy about a night in. Here’s a few fun ideas to create a wellness centered night that you’re sure to love. Valentine’s day, which happens to fall on a Friday this year, is the perfect excuse to unwind, relax and treat yourself, and/or whoever you choose to share it with, to the ultimate spa night.  


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Opt for a massage train with some girlfriends or a full body massage with your boo. Bodyceuticals has four delicious all-natural massage oils made with pure ingredients: cherry, almond, chocolate and coconut. These oils are a must in my home and my personal favorite is the Bodyceuticals BodyLove Coconut Oil. These will leave your skin feeling ultra-soft and smelling incredible while the nutrients from the coconut oil, aloe vera oil, avocado oil, olive oil, calendula flowers and Vitamin E soak into your skin and muscles. Also, for all your couples out there, Bodyceuticals Body Oils work excellent as a lube and are perfectly safe for the intimate areas.


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Prep a hot bath for yourself or just the two of you. Add 3-4 pumps of any of the Bodyceuticals Body Oils to your bath with a splash of your favorite natural bubble bath, light a candle and prep a cup of hot tea for a romantic and steamy night of relaxation. After the bath, apply any of the following Bodyceuticals Body + Hair Oils: Kukui Pineapple Body + Hair Oil, Vanilla + Avocado Body + Hair Oil, Coconut + Aloe Body + Hair Oil, or Pink Grapefruit Body + Hair Oil. These oils are formulated with nourishing oils and will give your skin that silky soft feeling. 


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Lip and Face/Body Scrubs

All you need for an exfoliating party this Valentine’s Day is any of the Bodyceuticals Body Love Oils and organic sugar. Create an at home DIY scrub to use on your body, face and lips. For a body/face scrub, mix two parts of your favorite Bodyceuticals Body Love Oils with six parts organic sugar. For a lip scrub, simply combine two teaspoons of any of the Bodyceuticals Body Love Oils with two tablespoons of organic sugar. For each scrub, mix well and gently scrub with an exfoliating mitt. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth. Finish up moisturizing your body and face with Bodyceuticals Vanilla + Avocado Body + Hair Oil or Bodyceuticals Coconut + Aloe Body + Hair Oil and Bodyceuticals Organic Lip Balm.


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My favorite part about the nail salon? The massage! Go all natural this Valentine’s Day while strengthening your nails. You can create an at-home salon experience by filing and buffing for one another and then use Bodyceuticals BodyLove Coconut Oil for hand and foot massages. Finish off your salon experience by moisturizing the cuticles with Bodyceuticals Pink Grapefruit Body + Hair Oil; according to Wellness Appliances, grapefruit oil is ideal for your cuticles due to its antiseptic, antimicrobial, cleaning, tonic, stimulating and disinfecting qualities.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers to love. 


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