Blossoming into a New Season: Spring Skincare
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 4/1/2020

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Spring is finally here! The return of the sun, the wildflowers, cherry blossoms, and the anticipation of summer. It’s also time to get your spring skincare routine ready for a brand new season. I have organized the perfect products that go along with spring like a match-made in heaven. These products will have your skin glowing, refreshed and ready for a lovely spring day. 


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Calendula Facial Cleanser 

Wipe away the day and scrub away the impurities with this light, hydrating and rejuvenating cleanser. There are too many cleansers out there that are harmful and drying however this one is quite the opposite as this cleanser will leave your skin feeling refreshed and restored. Just one or two pumps will do the work to cleanse your face and will leave your skin better than it found it, whatever your skin type may be. 


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Body + Hair Oil - Coconut Aloe 

With all this sun, you have full permission to get excited for summer! Bodyceuticals Body + Hair Oil - Coconut Aloe is one of my favorite sunny day products. It is a lightweight and fresh formula that has a lovely coconut scent and is perfect for anytime nourishment and moisture for your body and/or hair. 


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Organic Calendula Oil 

In my opinion, this the MVP of Bodyceuticals products, not only because you can find calendula in majority of their products, but also because this oil is a skin healer! You can use it on dry skin, anywhere on the body, as a massage oil, along with facial tools, for extra moisture to pair with your lotion, skin issues such as eczema, as a lube, and/or in the bath for extra moisture. This beautiful and pure golden oil is filled with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that will seep into your skin gently as the oil soothes and refreshes. 


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Neroli + Calendula Firming Creme 

This one's for you, citrus lovers! The orange blossom of this oil seeps into your skin in a lightweight formula, perfect for your face, decollete and neck. It will tone and plump up your skin using Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, calendula flowers and fresh Neroli Orange Oil. Your skin will feel hydrated and youthful! 


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Calendula + Antioxidants Facial Crème 

Filled with berries and citrus, this crème is perfect for kicking off spring. It’s incredibly soothing, balancing and light and works great for all ages. It’s no wonder this is favorite among Bodyceuticals customers. This crème is a great choice for normal, oil, combination and T-zone skin types. Use this after cleansing and toning for optimal results. This crème will balance and purify your skin. You will be able to feel the moisturizing and glowing effects of this crème! 


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Rose + Calendula Hydrating Facial Mist 

This mist is the essence of spring! This rose and calendula mist is perfect for anytime of the day; whether you need a spritz in the morning to wake up your skin, a little bit in the afternoon for a pick me up or at the end of the day during your evening beauty ritual. Keep it in the fridge for an added refreshing effect. This mist hydrates, promotes positivity, is antibacterial and anti- inflammatory, plumps the tissue, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and is great for oily or dry skin. 


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Organic Calendula Lip Balm 

Sun and lip balm go hand in hand! I love to have this lip balm on hand wherever I go, whether it’s camping or just a typical workday. It’s soothing, light and adds a natural glossy look. This small batch balm is safe for all ages, good for all the elements and anytime of the year, and soothes your lips for high quality results. Just organic calendula, organic beeswax and non- GMO Vitamin E make up this little product and trust me, it’s a winning trio.



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