The Beginner's Guide to Skincare
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 4/30/2020

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Between moisturizers, toners, oils, cleansers, serums and all of the other products out there, it can be overwhelming to find out where to start with skincare. On top of that, the products on the market can often be filled with irritants and you may not know what will work for your skin starting out. Well, fear no more, here is your beginner’s guide to skincare with three simple steps complete with recommendations on clean and natural products that will have you glowing! Cheers to healthy skin! 


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Step 1: Cleanse and Tone 

Whether you are just waking up or washing off the day, cleansing is very important. Not to mention, having clean skin is a wonderful feeling! Moisturize a cotton ball with Bodyceuticals Hydrating Facial Mist with Rose and Calendula and gently wipe your face with the cotton ball to cleanse. Once you have cleansed, apply a few sprays of the mist over your face and neck. This product works great on both oily and dry skin. The rose and calendula mist will get your skin ready for the next two steps by supporting the absorption of nutrients while also plumping tissue, hydrating, diminishing wrinkles, and uplifting your mood while inspiring romance. Yes, skincare products can bring positivity! 


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Step 2: Moisturize 

Choose a lightweight formula that is gentle on your face and neck. Bodyceuticals has three amazing options: Antioxidants Facial Crème, DMAE Facial Crème, and Vitamin C Facial Crème. These are all formulated with the amazing calendula oil which is a flower that has magical healing properties to soothe and nourish your skin. The Antioxidants Facial Crème is one of my favorites, especially the refreshing scent. This one works great on normal to combination skin, is filled with antioxidants from berries and citrus, and will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh! Next up, the DMAE Facial Crème helps to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, build collagen, repairs and rejuvenates, and plumps the skin. This one is great for those with normal, dry, mature and/or sensitive skin. And last, but definitely not least, the Vitamin C Facial Crème is great for normal skin with sun spots and uneven tone. This crème is very fresh, soothing and can help firm and plump your skin tissue while cleaning up any discoloration and enhancing the overall tone of your skin. Though these crèmes have many different properties, you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose as they are all effective, gentle and your skin will thank you. 


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Step 3: Apply Oil 

This step might just be my favorite one because of the amazing glow you get afterwards! Oil is the last step because just a few drops of a high quality natural oil help to lock in the moisture from the toner and crème. Bodyceuticals has two perfect oils called Berry Beauty Drops. These simple oils are pure, moisturizing and soothing. The Berry Beauty Drops for Day for your morning skincare routine are formulated with fresh pressed raspberries from the Pacific Northwest (PNW) that are rich in Vitamin A and C. These will give your face that extra boost heading into your day; you can even add your makeup on after applying these drops. The Berry Beauty Drops for Night are made with fresh pressed blackberries from the PNW and they will help plump your skin as you sleep, help with collagen production, reduce appearance of fine lines and are boosting with Vitamin C and E. Enjoy your glow!


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