A Guide to Men's Skincare
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 6/7/2020



While women’s skincare often gets the spotlight, this guide is curated specifically for the men. Skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time-consuming; simple is best when it comes to a daily routine. Taking care of your skin by having an effective routine is key to keeping skin feeling fresh and healthy while protecting it for years to come. 





Cleanser is an incredibly important part of a skincare routine to keep skin pure and protected. Cleansing both morning and night will prevent impurities from affecting your skin. No need to cleanse more than twice daily. Bodyceuticals Charcoal + Bamboo Facial Cleanser is a wonderful and gentle cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. First, rinse your face with warm/hot water to open up the pores and allow the dirt to be removed; this can also be done in the shower. Then, cleanse by lightly applying the facial cleanser in a circular motion for about 30 seconds; be sure not to rub your skin as this can cause wrinkles and loosen skin. Lastly, rinse with cool water to shrink the pores and then pat dry. If you have facial hair, add an extra step into your routine once a week by cleansing your facial hair using the same steps as above to help remove dead skin cells and promote hair growth. 


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Applying a high quality and delicate creme will protect your skin, reduce blemishes, and give it the moisture it needs. Bodyceuticals Neroli + Calendula Firming Creme is a lightweight moisturizer that will keep skin hydrated. After cleansing, moisturize the face and neck with creme both morning and night to keep your skin firm and filled with nutrients. You can also apply some creme in the afternoon if you feel like your skin needs an extra boost. 



Salve is an extra optional step that is great for dry spots, lips, sunburns, cuticles, tattoos, hands, heels, facial hair or anywhere on the body that needs extra moisture. Bodyceuticals Calendula Bioactive Salve is formulated with four simple and clean ingredients: organic olive oil, organic calendula flowers, beeswax, and vitamin E. This pure formula works to smooth skin and facial hair. This is a great one to keep in your work bag and use as needed throughout the day. This can also work as a cleansing balm in place of your cleanser by mixing with warm water and applying to the face in the same way you would apply a cleanser and then rinse with water and pat dry. 


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A natural oil will have lasting effects that will keep the skin nourished while promoting a healthy glow and protecting the skin from environmental factors. Bodyceuticals Vanilla Avocado Body + Hair Oil is made with natural ingredients and absorbs into the skin for a hydrated complexion. Oil can be used by applying to the face or body after cleansing, moisturizing and applying salve. 

Add a layer of oil prior to shaving to help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps and then add an extra layer after shaving to help sooth skin and avoid any possible irritation. You can also add oil to your hair or facial hair to soften and boost hydration to keep hair shining as well as tame fly-a-ways.



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