Post Workout Skincare
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 7/2/2020



Getting in a workout can do wonders for your both your body and your mind. While there are numerous benefits to your sweat sessions, the skin can often suffer if not treated properly after a workout. Working out can cause sweat and dirt to build up on the skin and if left untouched, this residue can lead to bacteria seeping into the skin which often will result in a breakout. Give your lovely skin some extra TLC after your workout session with a quick and easy post workout skincare routine with these three products to keep you feeling fresh and fit. You could even pack these in your gym bag if you tend to be on the go. The best part? These products are formulated with high quality and natural ingredients that you can trust. Get fresh!



Get your skin back to purity by cleansing your skin. After showering, mix a few pumps of Bodyceuticals Calendula + Flower Essences Facial Cleanser with a bit of water and apply to your face and neck. Scrub into your skin in order to reach all the built-up residue from your workout. Then, rinse with water and pat face to dry. This cleanser will not only get your face clean, it will also repair, balance, soothe and rejuvenate your skin. The gel-like formula has a lovely and light floral scent that will leave your skin better than before. This cleanser will work great on most skin types and is filled with the purest of ingredients such as organic lavender extract, organic olive oil, and organic geranium.



Applying a high quality creme will help balance and purify the skin while keeping it fresh. Bodyceuticals Calendula + Antioxidants Purifying Facial Creme is filled with antioxidants and is packed with incredible botanical ingredients such as organic aloe juice, organic sweet orange peel and organic pink grapefruit. After cleansing, apply a dollop of this heavenly creme onto your face, décolleté, and neck. Massage the creme into your skin. This lightweight creme is great for oily, normal, combination or T-zone skin types and is safe for all ages. The rich blend of berries and neem will help your skin smell amazing while keeping your skin healthy.



Feeling clean and fresh after a workout is one of the best feelings. Bodyceuticals Aloe Skin Soothing Spray will take you to that feeling of freshness by soothing and hydrating the skin. After cleansing and moisturizing, spray this aloe mist on your face and body for a refreshing mist. Feel free to massage this into the skin. This product is especially awesome during the summer months for keeping your skin cool and soothing it from any sun overexposure in the case you decided to take your workout outdoors. You can also keep this in the fridge for an added cooling affect. This spray is formulated with three simple ingredients: organic aloe vera, neroli blossom, and organic calendula flowers from the Bodyceuticals farm. This product is also safe for all ages and all skin types.


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