Camping Skincare Essentials
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 8/11/2020



Summer camping season has finally arrived! We have the opportunity to venture into the wild, pitch a tent, gather around the campfire, enjoy the scenery, and tap into our natural state. And while the positives of summer camping are endless, between the hiking, bug bites and sun exposure, camping also requires us to nourish our skin and give it a little extra love after being in the great outdoors. These three products are just what you need in your camping skincare routine. So go enjoy all the wonders nature has to offer and don’t forget to pack these three essentials when you head off into the wilderness! 




Calendula + Honey Balm 

Harness the power of honey with this life-saving balm! This one is curated for outdoor enthusiasts. Apply Bodyceuticals Calendula & Honey Balm to spots that need some extra soothing. This one works wonders for rashes, dry skin, and blistered feet and hands. While summer camping also means the addition of mosquitoes, I can speak from experience to say that this salve will be your new favorites when it comes to bug bites as it will cease the itching and help calm the swelling and redness. This salve is formulated with only the best of the best: organic olive oil, organic calendula flowers, fresh beeswax, Pacific Northwest honey, and Vitamin E. Keep this one close by during all of your outdoor excursions. 




After Sun Relief 

Nicknamed “the golden oil”, this one is completely luxurious. After a long day in the summer sun, this oil will soak into your skin and give you that perfect sun-kissed glow. Apply Bodyceuticals After Sun Relief to anywhere on the body that needs moisture and nourishment. This will soothe any skin that got just a little too much sunlight and helps to prevent peeling while reducing pain from a sunburn. This oil is a summer staple, whether you are coming back to camp from a day on the lake or coming down the mountain from a scenic hike. Formulated with organic olive oil, organic calendula and Vitamin E, you can trust that this product is safe for all ages. 




Aloe Skin Soothing Spray 

Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing and healing properties when it comes to summer skincare. Bodyceuticals Aloe Skin Soothing Spray is the perfect camping essential to bring with you if you are looking to keep your skin hydrated during the warm months. Simply spray this aloe mist anywhere on your body at any time to relieve skin irritation and/or climate overexposure. You can even keep this one in the ice chest for an added cooling effect. This mist is formulated to keep your skin fresh with clean and simple ingredients: organic aloe vera, neroli blossom and organic calendula flowers. 




Calendula Bioactive Salve Stick 

This new release is made with Bodyceuticals award winning Calendula Bioactive Salve, only this time, it’s in an easy & convenient stick. Apply the Bodyceuticals Calendula Bioactive Salve Stick to your face and body as needed. This is perfect to bring with you everywhere as it will soothe your skin from the realities that can accompany summer camping: bug bites, dry skin, blisters, chapped lips, and dry cuticles. You can also mix this salve with a bit of water to make it into a cleansing balm. This stick is safe for all ages and skin types. This salve is even safe for your furry friends for a little extra TLC on their paws and dry spots; trust me when I say, they will love this stuff, too! This salve is a simple yet effective formula: organic olive oil, organic calendula flowers, fresh beeswax, and Vitamin E.


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