For The Mommas: How to Keep That Pregnant Belly Glowing and Healthy
By: Guest: Elise Miller ~ 11/3/2020





For The Mommas: How to Keep That Pregnant Belly Glowing and Healthy


Taking care of a beautiful baby bump and keeping it glowing during those nine months is a wonderful practice to incorporate into your skincare routine that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated while soothing the changes that often accompany pregnancy. Your amazing body is working hard to grow a miracle and it deserves all the love and care. Who doesn’t love a good pregnancy glow!? Here’s your ultimate guide to the best pregnancy skincare items that will keep that gorgeous baby bump glowing. Made with pure and natural ingredients, your growing belly will love these.


Lather Up the Oil

Moisture in the form of oil will work wonders for giving your belly that wonderful glow, especially after a shower or bath. Bodyceuticals Calendula Oil will support your belly by providing hydration, providing vitamins and antioxidants to your skin, soothing stretch marks, and easing up any itching that you may experience. This gentle, golden oil is made with three simple ingredients: organic extra-virgin olive oil, farm-fresh organic calendula flowers and Vitamin E. It’s safe to use every day and will leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. Bodyceuticals Vanilla Avocado Body + Hair Oil is another wonderful moisturizing oil option that is nutrient rich and will hydrate your skin for that healthy glow, all while leaving your skin smelling like fresh sugar cookies: perfect for the holidays!


Salve for Soothing

Formulated with the same ingredients as the calendula oil and the added bonus of local and fresh dark beeswax, Bodyceuticals Bioactive Salve is a must when it comes to skincare for your belly. This highly effective salve is incredibly soothing, nutrient-rich and has the power to calm various skin issues. You can rub the salve on the entire belly for an all over glow or simply use it to soothe those itchy spots that often flare up with the growing skin. If you need an on the go option, Bodyceuticals Bioactive Salve Stick is great for keeping in your bag and can even double as a lip balm. These salves work on any type of skin and be even be used as a cleansing balm by mixing with warm water and patting dry with a washcloth.


Mist It Up

Add an extra layer of hydration to your belly bump with a pure and refreshing soothing spray. Bodyceuticals has three soothing mists that can be applied anytime to the belly for a spritz of moisture. Bodyceuticals Rose + Calendula Mist is a luxurious and antibacterial mist that that hydrates the skin, can help diminish scarring and acts as an aromatherapy that increases positivity, eases anxiety, stimulates the mind, and can even inspire romance. Bodyceuticals Aloe Skin Spray is incredibly soothing (hello, aloe vera!) and helps to hydrate the skin while also soothing any itching or rashes. Bodyceuticals Neroli + Calendula Spray is a balancing spray that refreshes the skin, can aid in scaring, and can even help create a calm environment during labor.


Cheers to celebrating your wonderful body and that glowing baby bump!


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