In memory my mother, Eugenia M. Macris
By: Angelique Macris Saffle ~ 5/13/2017

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In memory my mother,  Eugenia M. Macris


Since her passing just two months ago I reflect more than ever on her influence in my life.


One of my mom’s greatest joys was helping people thru the Natural Products Industry.  She had a retail health food store in North Bend, Washington with a career of 51 years in business which also included the bakery she ran with my dad, George.  She pioneered bringing natural products to the Valley long before it was popular and had possibly the longest running woman-owned business in the town’s history to date. 


Growing up mom worked hard to instill in us a feeling of community.  Belonging did not stop at owning and operating a business.  It involved visiting those that were sick or the elderly on a regular basis.  Jean was key in forming the first Alpine Days in North Bend – a yearly community event that has grown into the central valley summer event pulling vendors, arts and creative events into our home town.

She freely gave to countless customers giving time, health products and even personal funds to many needy folks who would providentially visit the store.  She wanted to do God’s work by providing meals and assistance to the homeless, visiting shut-ins and sending cards and notes of encouragement to those with illnesses.


A strong woman of faith;  my mom worked tirelessly to promote the Greek Orthodox faith and their missionary and educational ministries.  She operated the church book store and brought Orthodox Icons to the valley at Natures Marketplace.  Mom believed strongly in passing on the heritage of her ancestors.  Always promoting cultural events she encouraged all of us (and her grandchildren) to learn the Greek language and to become proficient in Greek dancing. 


What mom instilled in my brother and I was a strong work ethic.  She gave us the desire to create and operate profitable businesses that help people.  Mom’s touch is everywhere we look.  She promoted our products in her store,  she generously helped by providing space for operations and any moral support when needed.  She understood the joys of working hard to achieve goals and always shared with anyone in need.


Many people miss her smiling face and giving soul.  She lives on in our hearts, minds and through our business.



Angelique Macris Saffle

Founder & Farmer, Bodyceuticals


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