Calendula Bioactive Salve Stick
Calendula Bioactive Salve Stick
Calendula Bioactive Salve Stick


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Our award winning Calendula Bioactive Salve now in an convenient stick! 

We use our same special recipe organic calendula oil with this season’s freshest local dark beeswax from healthy beehives to bring this soothing, nutrient-dense salve to your skin.

Great for hikers, bikers & all outdoor enthusiasts. Helps soothe tired, blistered feet, rashes, chafing & insect bites. Use everyday for dry chapped skin. 

  • Perfect for everyday use and for a variety of skin issues
  • Pure and gentle enough for all ages & skin types
  • Highly effective & soothing on dry, cracked, extremely sensitive skin

Ideas for use: dry skin on hands, knees & heels, sunburn, tattoo and piercing care, nail & cuticle care.

Ingredients: Current harvest, Organic, Kosher, Extra-virgin, Unrefined, First cold-pressed oil from olives, Organic farm-grown calendula flowers, fresh local Pacific Northwest beeswax, High potency, non-GMO mixed tocopherol Vitamin E. 

100% all-natural, Wheat Free/Gluten Free

Pocket & travel friendly .5 oz size stick

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Hero for the hands!
I love this product as a wintertime savior for dry, cracked hands! It's easy to apply, and is convenient to carry. Cracks and splits heal faster than anything else I've used! It's versatile and can also be used as a lip balm, dry face, or on any cut.
Jason Richmond Murdy
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.5 oz stick