Calendula Oil
Calendula Oil
Calendula Oil


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A must for the family medicine cabinet

Deep penetrating and soothing, this golden organic calendula oil is extraordinary for the skin.

Our calendula oil is a raw, nutrient-rich multipurpose body oil full of vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, plant compounds and natural enzymes. It helps support skin that is dry, cracked, sensitive and has eczema or psoriasis-like symptoms. 

  • Perfect for everyday use and for a variety of skin issues.
  • Pure and gentle enough for all ages
  • Highly effective, deep penetrating massage oil and lubricant
  • Use as a "clean" topical during cleansing programs
  • Being used as an adjunct treatment for radiation induced dermatitis
  • Trans-dermal penetration - absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and healthy


How to use: Use day or night on face and body. Pure and gentle enough for all ages. May be used as an oil cleanser.




Ingredients: Current harvest, USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Unrefined, Extra-virgin, First cold-pressed oil from olives,  Farm-fresh, USDA Certified Organic Whole calendula flowers grown using Biodynamic methods, High potency Vegan, non-GMO, mixed tocopherol Vitamin E (soy free). 

USDA Certified Organic | Vegan | Kosher | Food grade | Small batch | Wheat free | Gluten free | Soy free | non GMO

7.25 oz recyclable, refillable pump bottle



*Due to the cold winter weather our high quality oil may appear cloudy when it gets cold.  If this should occur, just place in a room temperature room and it will become liquid again.

"Relief from painful eczema"
- Submitted by Angela S., Seattle, WA

I began using Calendula Body Oil a few months ago to help with my eczema. It is the only product I've found that works and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that. I've had eczema my entire life and it has been at times excruciating.

“An effective, multi-tasking product”
- Submitted by Star C., Mountlake Terrace, WA

“For years I've struggled with finding a way to remove my eye makeup because of having sensitive skin.  My skin is so sensitive that every product I've tried for make-up removal or moisturizing causes some sort of skin eruption or irritation.  Finally I found Calendula Oil by Bodyceuticals.  After using it for several months to take off my eye makeup, I noticed that a broken blood vessel under one eye (that had been there for many years) had disappeared.  Since then another much larger one appeared under the other eye, and promptly began shrinking to a tiny spot with daily applications of this Calendula Oil.  Now every night my husband rubs it all over his ultra sensitive Norwegian face and bald head.  His skin has become much smoother and healthier.  This stuff is awesome!” 

“Rash relief during pregnancy”
- Submitted by Arijana W., Kirkland, WA

When I was pregnant with my son, I got a pregnancy rash that only goes away with giving birth. We tried all types of medications, steroids and nothing worked. I was literally ripping off the skin on my stomach due to the itch and discomfort. Luckily, I was given Organic Calendula oil by my neighbor and it was all cleared up within a week. I have been using Bodyceuticals Calendula since and recommending it to all of my friends. Thanks Bodyceuticals! 

“I can wear lower necklines now”
- Submitted by D. Cote, Kirkland, WA

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The Best Healing Oil!
I love this product! This is a head-to-toe healing oil that can be used anywhere on the body! Not only does it moisturize, it helps any skin issue by reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process. This should be in everybody's medicine cabinet!
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7.25 oz.