Organic Calendula Lip Balm
Organic Calendula Lip Balm
Organic Calendula Lip Balm


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Rich and soothing, our “famous” balm contains fresh, organic beeswax from healthy hives in the US.   It adds a subtle "touch of honey" to our customer favorite.  You may pay a bit more for this small batch balm than other mass market sticks, but for those that want results fast, you will find it is worth its price.  We get fantastic feedback and loyal return customers for this balm. 
A “local secret”.

  • Especially made for extremely sensitive, dry, cracked lips
  • Helps soothe sunburned/windburned lips
  • Great for surfers, outdoor athletes exposed to the elements
  • Suitable for all ages - “kid-friendly”
  • For all-year, all-weather lip care

Ingredients:  Current harvest, Organic, Kosher, Extra-virgin, Unrefined, First cold-pressed oil from olives, Organic farm-grown calendula flowers, Certified Organic beeswax and high potency mixed tocopherol non-GMO Vitamin E.

USDA Certified Organic |  Vegetarian | Wheat free | Gluten free | Soy free | non-GMO 




A note from our formulator:
“A must-try treatment for sensitive lips” – A. Saffle

There is something special to be said about the skin renewing capacity of enzymes and fresh, active ingredients.  The soothing calendula oil helps encourage new growth tissue while the beeswax acts as a humectant which locks in the active nutrients so they do their work. 

If you ever get flaky, rough, extremely sensitive cracked lips, apply this balm generously to the lips with clean fingertips.  Reapply often.  You’ll notice a difference overnight.


Product Reviews:

 “Great for kids!”
- Submitted by  Kirsten, Kingston, WA

My eight year old daughter doesn't like most products, because they taste bad or sting. We put it (organic calendula lip balm) under her nose when she has a runny nose."

“Pocket-size skin soother for medical personnel”
- Submitted Michelle P, Seattle, WA

"Thank you--I love your products! I just wanted to write a note and say thank you for your amazing Calendula Lip Balm.  I have been using it for the past two weeks on my knuckles and wrists and I am amazed at the results! I work in a hospital and not only do we wash our hands at least 15 times a day, we also use hand sanitizer before and after every patient--this could be up to 40 times every day. The washing and sanitizer wreaks havoc on my skin, and I've tried everything to get rid of the eczema patches on the backs of my hands. My eczema has had many chances to go away, but all these products have done is temporarily relieved some of the itching and discomfort. When I found your products, I was so excited to see something with a high concentration of calendula, and even after a few uses, my eczema patches were almost completely 5 uses over two days, my skin is smooth and calm. I can't wait to buy some more of your products and share some with my mom who also suffers from eczema." 

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Amazing Lip Balm
I’ve used a popular natural bee lip balm for years and just tried bodyceuticals formulation. I must say, this is much smoother, silkier, and gave my lips more hydration. My lips never went through a weird peeling phase from changing to this brand. My lips are undeniably softer. I use lip balm daily and can feel the difference from switching to this brand. Thank you! You have gained a lifelong customer!
Nicolette C
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