Calendula Salve & Honey
Calendula Salve & Honey
Calendula Salve & Honey


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The Essential Skin Relief Balm with Calendula & Honey

Our popular salve formula, now with the power of honey!  "Apitherapy" is the therapeutic use of products made by bees.  In this special balm, we use pure ingredients including Private Reserve Honey from the Bodyceuticals apiary.

Great for hikers, bikers & all outdoor enthusiasts. Helps soothe tired, blistered feet, rashes, chafing & insect bites. Use everyday for dry chapped skin.

Ingredients: Current harvest, USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, Extra-virgin, Unrefined, First cold-pressed oil from olives, USDA Certified Organic farm-grown calendula flowers, fresh local Pacific Northwest beeswax, Free Pacific Northwest Honey, non-GMO mixed tocopherol Vitamin E

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Saved My Face!!!
I was out at a week long work event and at the end of day one my face had some kind of crazy reaction to something. My ENTIRE face was literally peeling off, I tried 3 different moisturizers and nothing was helping. I looked like my face was shedding even with make up on, as my skin is normally oily this was something I have never experienced before. Long story short I was finally given some of this amazing salve and it cleared up in less than 24 hours!!!!!! I will never leave home without some!
Sabrina Wright
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